Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Organization Station: More Center Time Ideas

Classroom centers are one of our favorite organizational supports in the busy classroom because they allow for increased differentiation and increased engagement with less wait time. To make centers work, it is important to develop a plan, share the plan with staff, and then to create organizational tools so the students know what to expect. In today's Organization Station, we will highlight some of the most creative ways we have seen for organizing classroom centers. 

Grouping Visuals
The first step to successful implementation of centers is to determine the number of centers and how students will be grouped. Sometimes, grouping by skill level is helpful when planning differentiated tasks. 

Name magnets can easily be moved between centers
Bev Richardson
Bruce Elementary, Eaton

Group frames can be moved to the assigned center location
Genevieve Harvey
West Carrollton ECC, West Carrollton

Color-coded center groups
Debi Gnua
Mad River ECEC, Mad River

Slide Visuals
Recently, classrooms have seen more teachers using Google Slide decks to organize and display their centers. This is a great solution when you need something that can easily be modified in the moment. 

Julia Spencer
Learning Center West- MCESC

MaKynzie Lowery
Learning Center West- MCESC

Brandi Owings
Perrin Woods Elementary, Springfield

Hannah Walters
Kenwood Elementary, Springfield

Location-Based Visuals
To assist students who struggle with transitions, we recommend using a location-based schedule that students can match their schedule card to the corresponding location when it is time for them to transition to that center. 
Deanna Hicks
East Elementary, Eaton

Deanna Hicks
East Elementary, Eaton

Often, basic colors or shapes can be an easy visual for students of all ages or abilities to match.

Rebekah Foust
Mad River ECEC, Mad River

Jenny Vogt
Schnell Elementary, West Carrollton

Student Choice
At times, you may have open-ended classroom centers where students can choose where they want to go. We love these visual supports for students to show their choices.
Rebekah Foust
Mad River ECEC, Mad River

Jenna Falldorf
Milton Union Elementary, Milton Union

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