Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Regulation Rendezvous: Motor Rooms

Many of our previous posts focus on providing students with opportunities for calming sensory input. But what if you have a student who needs alerting input or who has a high threshold for movement or vestibular input? Then today's Regulation Rendezvous is for you! Today we are focusing on Motor Rooms which is a designated location for students to get motor input in a structured way. Check out some examples of awesome Motor Rooms across the Miami Valley:

Stevenson Elementary, Mad River

When using the Motor Room at Stevenson Elementary, students follow a circuit of activities which incorporate motor skills as well as academics. 

Match velcro shapes after crossing balance beam

Count and stretch using resistance bands

Bounce on trampoline before matching magnetic letters to sight words/alphabet cards

Sort heavy books by color

Count and step up

Count and bounce on therapy ball

When finished, students take a few minutes to calm their bodies before returning to classroom focused and ready to learn. 

Hammock swing calm down seating

Rocking chair calm down seating

Mound Elementary, Miamisburg

The students at Mound Elementary have a variety of sensory equipment to choose from during their proactively scheduled Motor Room time. 


platform swing

stationary bike

crash pad

cocoon platform swing

Springcreek Primary, Piqua

A Motor Room (or in this case a Motor Lab) is a great place for students to go for physical therapy services as well. We love this Motor Lab where PT, Amy Pratt works with her students. Amy has a therapy ball, textured stepping stones, yoga cards, a balance beam, a platform cocoon swing, steamroller, and a couple stepping platforms. What a fun and functional space!

Mad River Middle School, Mad River

Older students need movement breaks too! We love the use of exercise equipment at Mad River Middle School to prepare students for ways to incorporate sensory supports as they get older. 


treadmills, stationary bike, elliptical


Jane Chance Elementary, Miamisburg

Exercise equipment comes in little sizes too! Look at these pint-sized Motor Room options at Jane Chance Elementary in Miamisburg including a stationary bike, treadmill, rowing machine, and some seating options. They also use S'cool Moves posters to guide student exercises. 

Tecumseh Elementary, Tecumseh

ALIST Occupational Therapist, Tracey Cooper at Tecumseh Elementary also uses S'cool Moves in her Motor Room at Tecumseh Elementary in addition to visual motor activities. 

Snyder Park Elementary, Springfield

Check out all of these swing options in the Motor Room at Snyder Park Elementary! In addition to swinging, students can also use the ball pit, tunnel crawl, therapy ball, trampoline, or climbing play forms. 

For additional information on structuring Motor Room breaks to get the most out of this valuable student support don't miss our previous post:

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