Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Taskbox Time-- Packaging Taskboxes

This week's edition of Taskbox Time is focused on Packaging tasks which can be a great way to work on a variety of skills including one-to-one correspondence, following a sequence of steps, counting out sets, assembly, and vocational tasks.

One-to-One Correspondence Tasks
plastic figurines in tupperware containers

plastic dinosaurs in tupperware containers

Easter fidgets in Easter eggs

Necklaces in jewelry boxes

Scissors in zipper pouches

tops in tupperware containers

blocks in square tins

Match to Visual Model
match crayons to visual and put in snap container 
match tiles to grid, place in baggies, and put in finished spot

match poker chips to grid and place in baggies

match school supplies to visual and place in zipper pouch

Counting Set
count out set of buttons using visual and put in baggy

count out designated number of pattern blocks and put in baggy

Many taskboxes can be made simply with common household and office supplies. The Target dollar bins and Dollar Tree also offer affordable materials for easy taskbox assembly. Other organizations provide donations. In the Miami Valley, many teachers volunteer at Crayons for Classrooms or attend the Montgomery County Material Reuse Facility's Teacher Shopping Days.

For more ideas check out some of our favorite structured work system books.

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