Monday, April 10, 2017

Regulation Rendezvous--Smith Elementary Sensory Room

Our OTs, Lynn and Susan, recently had the opportunity to visit Smith Elementary in Oakwood City Schools to view their brand new, fantastic sensory room!

The staff at Smith designed the room to be a calming location for students to go to take a break from the sensory-rich school environment. The room is divided into 4 separate stations with various options in each. To help maintain organization and keep the space from getting overcrowded, the staff has posted rules for use and a choice board that uses a red X to signify an area is in use. 

A highlight of the room is the beautiful mural painted by Oakwood High School graduates which sets the tone for the calming atmosphere of the sensory room.

Cozy seating options such as the large beanbags offer great deep pressure. And soothing light displays from Southpaw Enterprises illuminate the space without needing the overhead florescent lights which students often find overwhelming.

Another great alternative seating option is the inflatable peapod which gives students deep pressure input. 

Other seating options include a bucket chair or bean chair rocker. Students who crave a small, cozy environment benefit from the tent or fiberoptic tunnel. 

We want to thank the staff at Smith Elementary for welcoming us out to see your fabulous space for students! Kudos to you all for creating such a wonderful support for your students!

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