Friday, May 12, 2017

Organization Station-- Visuals

As the end of the year approaches, what better way to introduce our latest blog series, Organization Station which features examples of organization techniques to make your life easier!

We know that by this time in the year you may find your classroom buried in visual cards everywhere! This week's Organization Station is dedicated to organizing all those little cards so that they are easy to find again in the fall.

For student specific visuals, you may want to use a zipper pouch that can be placed in their binder and easily accessed or a metal ring for each student stored near the schedules. 
Brian Frimel, Bradford Exempted Village Schools

Amy Beanblossom, Arcanum-Butler School District
Another way to store schedule visuals is using a 100s chart pocket chart with a designated pocket for each type of card. 

Many teachers organize their visuals by category for easy access. A binder with baseball card sleeves or a crafting organizer have great dividers for each category.

We have also seen some really sturdy options online that are sure to give users a great way to organize for years to come. Click on each picture for links to similar products. 


Do you have another way to organize your visuals? Share in the comments!

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