Thursday, March 16, 2017

Taskbox Time--Matching

It's that time again! We are excited to present some new taskbox ideas that can be used when working on matching skills with students.

Some basic activities may be matching by color or shape.
Use a Sharpie to color spots in an egg carton and have students match blocks 
Match shapes using velcro

Glue large pom-poms into the bottom of old playdoh containers and have students match the lids by color

Many taskboxes can be differentiated to meet needs of various students within the same classroom.
Match lids by shape to containers

Match pattern blocks by shape to container and then match lid 

Other matching activities require students to discriminate more detailed items.
Make a pocket board using Environmental Print
Find great Environmental Print for FREE at Hubbard's Cupboard

Match mini erasers in an ice cube tray

Build MatMan
Emily Ottmar, Stevenson Elementary

Turn a Memory game into a taskbox that incorporates student interests

Many taskboxes can be made simply with common household and office supplies. The Target dollar bins and Dollar Tree also offer affordable materials for easy taskbox assembly. Other organizations provide donations. In the Miami Valley, many teachers volunteer at Crayons for Classrooms or attend the Montgomery County Material Reuse Facility's Teacher Shopping Days.

For more ideas check out some of our favorite structured work system books.

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