Monday, January 23, 2017

Taskbox Time--Put-In Tasks Fine Motor Tasks

During structured work times, many teachers have students complete task boxes to work on a variety of fine motor, preacademic, academic, and functional skills.

One of the most basic types of tasksboxes is the Put-In Taskboxes that provide students with multiple opportunities for practicing fine motor skills. These tasks can vary in difficulty depending on the size of the objects and opening in the container. Many taskboxes can be made simply with common household and office supplies. The Target dollar bins and Dollar Tree also offer affordable materials for easy taskbox assembly. In the Miami Valley, many teachers volunteer at Crayons for Classrooms or attend the Montgomery County Material Reuse Facility's Teacher Shopping Days.

Buttons put in bank 

Large checkers put in beef jerky tube with slit opening.

Checkers pushed through toddler snack container lid

Clothespins pushed through coffee can lid

Velcro'd blocks taken off side of coffee can and put in top

Pegs put in container lid with round opening

Various sized straws put in cup with straw hole

Wooden beads taken off pipe cleaner and put in container

Small plastic beads taken off pipe cleaner and put in box

Plastic lids pushed through wipes container lid
Velcro'd counting bears pushed through plastic lid with X cut

For more ideas check out some of our favorite structured work system books.

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