Friday, December 2, 2016

A-LIST Spotlight--Rebecca Lemons, Miamisburg Middle School

The Autism Coaching Team recently had the opportunity to visit our A-LIST member, Rebecca Lemons in her classroom at Miamisburg Middle School. As always we were impressed with her organization and supports in place and would like to share all of the great ideas in this A-LIST Spotlight!

When we were in Rebecca's classroom we were able to see many of the functional skills she was working on including sorting the football team uniforms by size, stocking toothbrushes, and working on independent tasks using a structured work approach. 

Rebecca also has great use of visual supports including a visual schedules adapted to student needs, 

Visual break choices

And visual classroom expectations and reminders.

We love how Rebecca incorporated a student's special interest in Spongebob to make his token board for earning time on the iPad.

Rebecca's classroom has fantastic visual and physical boundaries to separate designated areas for breaks/leisure, independent work, and group activities at the table. We really loved how she arranged her teacher time location with very little distractions and materials needed for progress monitoring and instruction close by!

Thanks again Rebecca for sharing your room with us and for being a great member of the A-LIST!

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