Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A-LIST Spotlight, Leslie Mann, Vandalia-Butler City Schools

Recently, the ACT team visited the classroom of A-LISTer Leslie Mann at Smith Middle School in Vandalia to see all of the great supports she had in place and to observe a lesson. Leslie works closely with fellow A-LISTers and paraprofessionals Kelsey Biggar and Butch Wise.

Upon entering the room, it is evident that Leslie uses the evidence-based practice of Self-Management direct instruction to help her students identify how they are feeling, recognize obstacles, and develop self-management techniques.

The Smith team uses several ACT team favorite curriculums including The Incredible 5 Point Scale,  Zones of Regulation and Superflex.

Within her classroom Leslie has an area for students to do a zones check-in which aligns with the Zones of Regulation curriculum.

Additionally there is a Strategy wall for students to reference including The Incredible 5 Point Scale and Whole Body Listening which can be built upon throughout the year.

The Smith team also has a wall of "Unthinkables" where students can review different behaviors and challenges that may prevent them from demonstrating self-regulation which they have learned through the Superflex curriculum.

We had the opportunity to observe Leslie teaching a Superflex lesson. During the lesson she used a variety of Multi-Sensory Teaching Strategies to keep students engaged in learning. The lesson began with a focusing activity at the whiteboard using MeMoves. Leslie reviewed previously taught Unthinkables and then introduced Rock Brain using a variety of activities. The students used these paddles to determine if scenarios were thinking of themselves or others. Students also had the opportunity to work in groups to complete a puzzle about Rock Brain and other previously taught Unthinkables. She also reviewed some Social Skills Training to help students participate appropriately with their groups.


In addition to great Self-Management tools, they also had several Visual Supports to help students with transitions such as the Visual Countdown and with voice volume.

Another great evidence-based strategy in Leslie's classroom was the use of Reinforcement. Students had punch cards for demonstrating targeted behaviors.

Students also had the opportunity to earn various reinforcing items which were visually presented.

Finally, Leslie finished her lesson with a reinforcing leisure activity time.

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