Monday, December 19, 2016

A-LIST Spotlight--Jamie Zimmer, Kettering Middle School

We are excited to feature A-LIST member Jamie Zimmer from Kettering Middle School on today's A-LIST Spotlight!

Upon entering Jamie's middle school classroom, it is evident that she has a knack for organization and is able to provide structure in a stylish way which we know is important for middle school!

Jamie uses the evidence-based practice of Visual Supports when organizing and structuring her space. 

She has a homebase area clearly defined by a calming sheer blue curtain. 

She uses visual picture icons for her adorable job board. 

And has these great framed mini-schedules for each period of the school day so students know what will be accomplished during each time of day. She even uses dry erase markers to cartoon visual reminders as well.

Jamie also uses Ellison cut outs to label and organize her structured work systems to make it easier for students to locate their needed work.

We also love how Jamie uses visual supports for organizing material prep for her staff.

A BIG thank you to Jamie for welcoming us into her classroom so we could share all of these wonderful supports! Thank you for being a valued member of our A-LIST!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Around Town Roundup--Reducing Visual Clutter

Many individuals with autism have difficulty processing environmental stimuli and are easily distracted. Research has shown that an instructional environment with few visual and auditory distractions is preferable. This helps the student to focus on the concepts being taught while reducing competing distractions. Often when students with autism are presented with too much visual or auditory input, processing may slow down, or if overloaded, processing may stop completely. During this Around Town Roundup we want to highlight three key ways to reduce visual clutter in the classroom.

1. Use physical boundaries to divide classroom space.
Brian Frimel, Bradford Elementary, Bradford Exempted Village Schools

Athenia Eversole, Versailles Elementary, Versailles Exempted Village Schools

Amy Beanblossom, Arcanum Elementary, Arcanum-Butler Schools

Brittany Bush, Spinning Hills MS, Mad River Local Schools

Jamie Zimmer, Kettering MS, Kettering City Schools

Laura Brown, Perrin Woods Elementary, Springfield City Schools

Kenzie Bruggeman, Versailles Elementary, Versailles Exempted Village Schools

2. Cover open shelves with a solid fabric.
Laura Brown, Perrin Woods Elementary, Springfield City Schools

Taylor Ruef, Stevenson Elementary, Mad River Local Schools

Mrs. P's Specialties!

3. Put extraneous materials and supplies in cabinets, boxes, drawers, or folders.
Carrie Prickett, Jane Chance Elementary, Miamisburg City Schools

Taylor Ruef, Stevenson Elementary, Mad River Local Schools

Kendall Koehler, Normandy Elementary, Centerville City Schools
Taylor Ruef, Stevenson Elementary, Mad River Local Schools

Kenzie Bruggeman, Versailles Elementary, Versailles Exempted Village Schools

Friday, December 2, 2016

A-LIST Spotlight--Rebecca Lemons, Miamisburg Middle School

The Autism Coaching Team recently had the opportunity to visit our A-LIST member, Rebecca Lemons in her classroom at Miamisburg Middle School. As always we were impressed with her organization and supports in place and would like to share all of the great ideas in this A-LIST Spotlight!

When we were in Rebecca's classroom we were able to see many of the functional skills she was working on including sorting the football team uniforms by size, stocking toothbrushes, and working on independent tasks using a structured work approach. 

Rebecca also has great use of visual supports including a visual schedules adapted to student needs, 

Visual break choices

And visual classroom expectations and reminders.

We love how Rebecca incorporated a student's special interest in Spongebob to make his token board for earning time on the iPad.

Rebecca's classroom has fantastic visual and physical boundaries to separate designated areas for breaks/leisure, independent work, and group activities at the table. We really loved how she arranged her teacher time location with very little distractions and materials needed for progress monitoring and instruction close by!

Thanks again Rebecca for sharing your room with us and for being a great member of the A-LIST!